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1210.025.05.10 CONVERTING INCOME

(CD12-33, OEC12-06 dated March 15, 2012)

Convert income to a monthly amount when income is received on a less than monthly basis.  Multiply income received on a weekly basis by 4.333 to determine monthly income.  Multiply income received every two weeks by 2.166.  Multiply income received on a semi-monthly basis (twice a month) by two.

In determining the monthly income amounts from each income source, it is important to carefully evaluate the period of time that income is intended to cover.  For example, a check received at the beginning of the month may be income for the entire month.  A school cook receiving a yearly salary may have income for the entire year, or may have income for the months during the school year.  After the average monthly amount from each income source is determined, the total monthly gross amount must be established by totaling income from each source.  This total is to include income received from all members of the eligibility unit.