zz – Obsolete


Some income, even though available, is not included in determining monthly gross income.

  1. In-kind income is to be excluded in determining monthly gross income.  In-kind income consists of any commodity, not in the form of cash, which is received by any member of the family unit.  An example of income in-kind is meals supplied by an employer to a waitress.
  2. The value of the coupon allotment under the Food Stamp Act of 1984 is excluded.
  3. The value of supplemental food assistance under the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 and the special food service programs for children under National School Lunch Act, as amended is excluded.
  4. Home produce used for household consumption is not counted as income.
  5. Payments made directly to a vendor in behalf of a household member by a health or service agency (such as County Court, Division of Mental Health, etc.) are not considered as income unless these payments are specifically designated to pay child care expenses.
  6. Rent or mortgage allowances from HUD are not considered income.
  7. Funds withheld from any income source to repay an overpayment either voluntary or involuntary.
  8. Missouri Senior Citizens’ Tax Credit, which is based on individuals who rent or pay property tax, is not considered income.
  9. Mandatory deductions from military pay for education purposes while the individual is enlisted are excluded.