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CD10-90, OEC10-20 – August 2, 2010

Definition and Purpose

Protective Services (PS) child care is a purchased child care service for children who are receiving preventive services or treatment for child abuse or neglect. Children in Out-of-Home care are also eligible for Protective Services child care. Child care services may be available to families and children who receive services through the Children’s Division as part of the family’s Written Service Agreement, CD-14B, or Child Assessment and Service Plan, CS-1. The need for child care services must be documented in the narrative of the child’s case record. The Children’s Service Worker must document that child care services are needed using the CD-14B, FCS Family Assessment Packet in the family’s case record. Under no circumstances may a child remain eligible for PS child care after the PS case is closed, with the exception of Adoption Subsidy and Legal Guardianship Subsidy cases.

In order to support the continuity of care and promote bonding and attachment, every effort should be made to allow a child to remain with the same child care provider. It is recognized that the child care provider may be a concrete support for the child and family. When a child has a stable child care provider as a part of their support system, the Children’s Service Worker should make reasonable efforts to encourage the child care provider to become contracted or registered. In the event that the provider does not choose to enter into one of these agreements, other alternatives should be made to best meet the child care needs of the child. Programs subject to Protective Services Child Care policy include:

  • Family-Centered Out-of-Home Care/Foster Care
  • Interstate Compact Placement (ICPC)
  • Family-Centered-Services (Intact Families), Intensive In-home Services
  • Adoption Subsidy/Legal Guardianship Placements

State law requires that any provider receiving state or federal funds from any source for providing child care must be licensed or registered. Federal regulation 45 CFR Subpart A 98.2(1) states, in order to receive federal Child Care and Development Funds, a provider must be “licensed, regulated or registered”. Families or staff may contact the local child care resource and referral agency for assistance in locating a child care provider. (https://mochildcareaware.org/)

The following sections define how PS child care should be determined and the process for authorizing care to eligible providers.