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1210.030.10 – Family-Centered Out-of-Home Care Children Placed Out of State-ICPC

Children in Children’s Division custody who are residing outside the State of Missouri are required to follow the same child care guidelines as Out of Home Care children living in Missouri. Child care is to be provided by a licensed provider in the state of residence or a waiver must be obtained prior to utilizing an unlicensed provider. Out of state unlicensed providers cannot be used unless a waiver has previously been approved.

All out of state child care providers, including those who are licensed by the state in which they reside, must be registered in Missouri by complying with all requirements, including background screenings for child abuse/neglect and criminal history in the state of their residence. They must complete and submit a FA-350, Child Care Provider Registration Application and Agreement, and provide verification that they are compliant with their home state’s child care regulations.

Related Subject: 1215.010.20 Out of State Providers

CD staff should contact the appropriate CCPRU county of the child’s location to begin the registration process.