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1210.030.30 – Payment Requirements for Protective Services Child Care

Protective Services child care providers will be reimbursed at the state maximum Child Care Rate for the county of the provider’s residence (except for Adoption Subsidy and legal Guardianship case agreements approved prior to November 14, 2006 which were negotiated at a specific dollar amount). Reimbursement rates may be accessed through the DSS internet site at https://apps.dss.mo.gov/childcarerates/.

The rate change from infant to toddler is made the first day of the month following the child’s second birthday. The rate change for school age children is made the first day of the month following the child’s fifth birthday.

In addition to their base rate of reimbursement, providers may receive certain rate differentials if the child and/or the provider are eligible.

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Out of state providers are reimbursed at the highest rate allowed in Missouri by facility type and age of child. Those rates are the same as the rates for St. Louis City and St. Louis County providers (See rates at https://apps.dss.mo.gov/childcarerates/).

Payment for child care services is made directly to a contracted or registered child care provider with a Child Care Vendor Invoice. However, in limited situations, reimbursements can be authorized directly to the parent/resource parent. Reimbursement for child care provided to a protective service child must be authorized by the designated supervisor, prior to the child attending the child care facility.

If a parent/resource parent of a protective service child has been authorized for reimbursement, the case manager will indicate this in the FAMIS/FACES Interface child care authorization process. Once the child care authorization has been approved by the case manager’s supervisor, an Action Notice (CD-150) will generate to the parent detailing the reimbursement process.

Licensed/contracted providers are prohibited from charging PS families additional fees above the reimbursement paid by the Children’s Division. PS families and children include, but are not limited to, families or children receiving Adoption Subsidy, Family- Centered Out-of-Home Care (Foster Care), Family-Centered Services, Legal Guardianship Subsidy, and Intensive In-Home Services. Any additional funds include registration fees, co-payments, field trip fees, transportation fees, etc. When information is received indicating the practice of charging additional fees to these families by a licensed/contracted provider, report this information to the Children’s Division, Contract Management Unit.

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