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CD16-15/OEC16-01 – March 1, 2016, CD15-14/OEC-5 – March 16, 2015, CD11-91/OEC-20 – October 17, 2011

Child care providers that are not licensed with the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), Section for Child Care Regulation (SCCR) are allowed to provide care in their home to Six (6) or Fewer (SOF) children, regardless if they are related or unrelated. Included in the limit of six (6), the provider can have a maximum of three (3) children under the age of two (2), at the same physical address.  Children, who live in the caregiver’s home and are less than five (5) years old, shall be counted in the ratio of 6 children in care.  Children who live in the caregiver’s home and who are eligible for enrollment in a public kindergarten, or high school shall not be considered in the total number of children being cared for. [REF: HB 397]

SOF license-exempt status is determined by Department of Social Services. SOF Providers caring for six or fewer children, must meet certain Health and Safety requirements.