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CD11-91/OEC-20 – October 17, 2011

A religious provider’s status is determined by the provider’s level of compliance with DHSS requirements.

  1. Religious License-Exempt Facility (RLE) — Has been identified as a license-exempt facility, but no inspection has been completed.  This provider is ineligible for DSS payment.
  2. Religious/Inspected/Compliant (RIC) — Has been inspected and is determined by DHSS to be in compliance with license-exempt rules.  This provider is eligible to register with DSS for payment.
  3. Religious/Inspected/Pending (RIP) — Inspected by DHSS, but identified with issues of non-compliance.  This provider is ineligible for DSS payment.
  4. Religious/Inspected/Non-Compliant (RIN) — Facility has been inspected and determined to be non-compliant with license-exempt requirements.  This provider is ineligible for DSS payment.

Households utilizing REL, RIP or RIN providers must choose another provider or contact Child Care Aware of Missouri for assistance in finding another provider.