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CD11-91/OEC-20 – October 17, 2011

Child care providers residing outside of Missouri may register with DSS for payment of child care services rendered to eligible Missouri children.  Out of state providers must verify that they are in compliance with the child care regulations in their home state.  An Out of State Provider that is licensed (OPL) can verify compliance by providing a copy of the current license or license approval letter from their home state.  An Out of State Provider whois not licensed (OPU) must verify they are in compliance with their home state’s regulations.  At a minimum, OPU’s must submit to a federal background screening for every household member age 17 and older and provide a current Tuberculosis test (TB).

These providers must also meet certain health and safety requirements (refer to 1215.025.00.).

Note:  Child care rates are paid at the registered provider rate for the county in which the child is determined eligible.