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CD11-91/OEC-20 – October 17, 2011

In order to receive payment for child care services rendered to subsidy eligible children, license-exempt providers must register with DSS.

The Child Care Provider Relations Unit provides application packets to providers requesting to register with DSS to provide subsidy services.  A provider must be providing services to a subsidy eligible or applying child or have made arrangements to provide care to a subsidy eligible or applying child.

The registration process includes submission of the following:

  1. Completed Provider Registration Application and Agreement form (FA 350) including provider and subsidy parent signature.
  2. Results of current tuberculosis (TB) test (FOL, OPU only).
  3. Valid identification (FOL, OPU only).
  4. Valid documentation of tax identification (social security card or letter from the IRS with pre-printed tax identification number).
  5.  Completed fingerprint background check (FOL, OPU only).
  6. Completed family care safety registry for all household members age 17 and older.
  7. Completed direct deposit application form.