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1215.020.05 Registration Begin Dates

CD11-91/OEC-20 – October 17, 2011

When a provider’s legal status is determined by DHSS, the registration cannot begin prior to the date in which DHSS compliance is met.  A list of License-Exempt types determined by DHSS is located at

Example: Mrs. Johnson is approved for Child Care assistance effective 08-17-08.; she chooses Main Street Elementary School as eight year old Samantha’s provider. Samantha has been attending the before and after school program since 08-05-08.  Main Street Elementary School is granted license-exempt status effective September 29, 2008 per the MOHSAIC inquiry screen.

Although Samantha began attending the facility on 08-05-08, the provider did not obtain legal status until 09-29-08. Once the provider completes and returns all required registration documents, the earliest registration begin date is 09-29-08 as this is the compliance date with DHSS.   The earliest rate begin date can be 09-29-08 as well.