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CD11-91/OEC-20 – October 17, 2011

State law requires that providers CARING FOR 10 OR MORE CHILDREN file a Summary Report of the Status of Missouri Public, Private, and Parochial Day Care, Preschool, or Nursery School Children, annually with the DHSS. Request a copy of this form from any facility caring for 10 or more children. Failure to provide this form results in ineligibility under Block Grant requirements. If a facility has not filed this report at time of registration, request that they contact the DHSS, immediately, and provide a copy of this report to DSS by the following January 15. January 15 is the date the report is due each year. Check at re-registration to determine if the provider has complied with this requirement.

The Health and Safety form must be signed once annually, or when the provider moves, and be kept on file along with the provider registration information. When a household applies, verify that the selected provider is registered and meets health and safety requirements, as appropriate.