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CD11-91/OEC-20 – October 17, 2011, (CD10-04, OEC10-03 dated January 8, 2010)

Under no circumstances may a person be approved as a child care provider if they are:

  1. A parent, custodial, non-custodial, adoptive parent or resource provider. These individuals cannot be considered a child care provider for his/her own child.
  2. Operating illegally.  The provider is not in any of the previously described categories.  (Report such providers to the DHSS, Section for Child Care Regulation for investigation.)
  3. A mandatory member of the child care household.
  4. An owner of the child care facility.  Owners may not receive subsidy on his/her own children.  Employees of a child care facility are eligible to receive subsidy payments for their children in certain circumstances.  When the facility’s enrollment is such that it is reasonable that the parent is not providing care directly to his/her own child(ren), child care can be authorized.  If the facility’s enrollment does not clearly indicate whether or not the parent is providing direct care to his/her own child/ren, follow current procedures to request an interpretation of policy (IM-14).  Note:  A FOL provider cannot have employees as they are required to be the sole caregiver of the children in their care.
  5. Under age 18.
  6. A sibling (or half sibling) of the child needing care if the sibling resides at the same address of the child.