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Child care providers who have obtained accreditation by an accrediting organization recognized by the Department of Social Services (DSS) are eligible for a rate differential over the base rate. This rate differential is an increase of twenty percent (20%) over the base rate and is specific to the provider.  To view the recognized accrediting organizations go to https://www.dss.mo.gov/cd/early/accorg.htm.

To qualify for accreditation rate differential the provider must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be accredited by a DSS recognized accrediting organization.
  • Must be a contracted or registered child care provider.
  • Must submit a completed Child Care Provider Accreditation Rate Enhancement Agreement (CD-149) to the Early Childhood and Preventions Services (ECPS) in Central Office.
  • Must submit a current certificate of accreditation with the agreement.

Early Childhood and Prevention Services (ECPS) staff is responsible for entering and updating the information regarding accreditation. FAMIS will automatically add the accreditation payment, service code ACRD, for qualified child care providers whenever a child care payment is entered into the system.  The rate differential will be effective the service month following the date required documentation is completed and reviewed by Central Office ECPS.

Ninety (90) days prior to the end of the provider’s accreditation rate differential, ECPS will send a letter notifying the provider of the upcoming end date of the accreditation rate differential with a new Child Care Provider Accreditation Rate Enhancement Agreement (CD-149).  The provider must submit the CD-149 and a copy of the new certificate of accreditation no later than 15 days prior to the end of the current rate differential period.

Providers who have not submitted a new Child Care Provider Accreditation Rate Enhancement Agreement (CD-149) and a copy their new accreditation certificate will be sent a letter, no less than 30 days from expiration, notifying them of the end of their eligibility for the rate differential.  The provider is responsible for submitting a new Child Care Provider Accreditation Rate Enhancement Agreement (CD-149) and a copy of their new accreditation certificate.  Providers who do not submit a new accreditation certificate and a new accreditation agreement will lose the accreditation rate differential. A letter will be sent to the provider, notifying the provider their accreditation rate differential has ended effective with the end date indicated on their certificate of accreditation.

The provider must notify DSS of changes in their accreditation status, i.e. accreditation has ended prior to the end date on the accreditation certificate.  The provider is ineligible for accreditation rate differential payments after losing accreditation status.  DSS will recoup any overpayments.