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CD12-14, OEC12-03 January 31, 2012

Complete the eligibility determination within 15 calendar days of receipt of the signed application.  An interactive interview is required for all child care applications.  This interview may be conducted face to face or by telephone.  The ES should document the interview type and date in a comment on EUMEMROL.  As with all programs, discuss eligibility requirements, rights, and responsibilities, as described in the following sections.

Verify any outstanding balance on overpayments of child care subsidy.  In the case of a non-fraud overpayment, assess the household’s adherence to the local office restitution plan.  If the household is not paying restitution as previously agreed, discuss non-payment with the household and attempt to work out a suitable repayment agreement.  If the household does not agree to a repayment plan or has not paid restitution as agreed upon, reject the application.

If an active claim involving fraud is indicated, contact the Welfare Investigation Unit (WIU) to determine if the family is adhering to its repayment agreement.  Reject the application only when WIU determines overpayment due to fraud and the household is not paying restitution as agreed upon with WIU.

Assist the family if necessary, in obtaining needed verification.  Refer the family to Child Care Aware® of Missouri anytime the family needs a provider or information about selecting a child care provider. Refer to http://mo.childcareaware.org/.