zz – Obsolete


CD15-19, OEC15-07 April 20, 2015, CD12-14, OEC12-03 January 31, 2012

Reject the child care application on or before the fifteenth (15) day from the date of application if:

  1. The applicant fails to participate in an interview, but only after the eligibility specialist attempts to contact the applicant by phone and by mail to request an interview;
  2. The applicant voluntarily withdraws the application;
  3. The applicant fails to provide necessary verification as requested on the Request for Information form within ten (10) calendar days.  If the tenth day falls on a weekend or holiday, then the due date is the next business day;
  4. The applicant is found ineligible for child care services;
  5. The applicant has a child care overpayment and has not agreed to a repayment plan (See Section 1220.000.00);
  6. The applicant has a valid repayment agreement or promissory note and has not complied with the terms of the agreement (See Section 1220.000.00); or
  7. The applicant has an outstanding sliding fee payment owed to a past provider and has not entered into a repayment agreement with that provider (See Section 1225.040.10).