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1220.025.10 SLEEP TIME

CD12-14, OEC12-03 January 31, 2012

Child care may be authorized for sleep time if the household works any part of a shift that is between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Allowing sleep time will assist in providing a safe environment for children and will assist families in maintaining employment.  The following should be taken into consideration when authorizing sleep time:

  1. Care can be authorized only on days that follow an over-night work schedule.
  2. Care cannot be authorized during the hours the child is in school or is home schooled.
  3. Care cannot be authorized for a two-parent household when the other parent is available to care for the child.

If a parent requests care for sleep time but does not request care to work, the Eligibility Specialist must determine if the second parent is in the home and provides care during work hours.

Households where both parents work outside the home at different times are required to arrange their schedules, including sleep time, in a manner that maximizes each parent’s availability to provide care.

The Eligibility Specialist should negotiate with the parent the authorization level for sleep time.  Child care for sleep time is limited to eight (8) hours per day. The total maximum hours of child care for both employment and sleep time cannot exceed the maximum allowed units of care.  The Eligibility Specialist should review the hours of care allowed as the household schedule changes.