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CD12-13, OEC12-02 January 30, 2012

Only licensed child care providers may become contracted with DSS. Licensed child care providers will complete a contract and forward the contract to their local CCPRU representative.  CCPRU reviews the contract to ensure it is completed and signed with all necessary documentation attached before submitting the contract documents to the Division of Finance and Administration Services (DFAS) Purchasing Unit.  DFAS staff approves and enters the contract into the contract tracking system. The child care contract period is set according to state fiscal year, July 1 through June 30.

New contracts begin with the provider’s license eligibility date.  Contract end dates are always June 30, unless the provider’s license ends prior to that date.  The contract is no longer valid once the child care license ends.  Once a provider’s license status is restored, they may reapply with DSS to contract for child care services.

NOTE:  Child Care Contract/Amendment for Purchase of Center, Family or Group Home Child Care Services (CM-5), can be obtained online at http://dss.mo.gov/cd/info/forms/index.htm or, providers can contact their local CCPRU Representative.