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CD15-25, OEC15-08 April 30, 2015, CD12-13, OEC12-02 January 30, 2012, CD10-91 – August 2, 2010, CD11-07/OEC-02 – January 13, 2011

Protective Services Reimbursement

In limited situations, authorized child care services may be approved for reimbursement to parents or resource parents for child care provided to Protective Service children residing out-of-state. Reimbursement to a parent for child care services paid to a child care provider should only be authorized when an out-of-state child care provider is unwilling to accept direct payment. The Children’s Services supervisor must approve any child care reimbursements made to the resource parents.

Once approval has been obtained for reimbursement as a method of payment, the authorization is entered to reflect the payment method. Child care authorizations for protective service children are entered in the FAMIS/FACES Interface. Staff must enter a detailed comment regarding the reason for reimbursement and that approval was obtained by a Children’s Services supervisor when entering the child care authorization on the Service Authorization screen in the FAMIS/FACES Interface. When the authorization has been entered, the parent or resource parent will receive an Action Notice (CD-150), outlining the child’s authorization period, the units of care the child is authorized and how to obtain reimbursement for child care services.

Family Support Division Reimbursements

All Family Support Division (FSD) children must be authorized to a provider as direct pay.