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CD12-13, OEC12-02 January 30, 2012

The begin date of payment is the date of request for child care assistance, or the date the need for child care begins, whichever is later.

NOTE:  If child care services would otherwise be lost, child care may be provided for up to 2 weeks prior to the begin date of scheduled employment, education, or training.  Care may also be provided during a break in employment, education, or training, not to exceed 30 days, if it is known that the participant will be returning to his/her activity.  In these situations, child care is conditional on the child continuing to attend care.  Otherwise, the five (5) day absence policy applies.

EXAMPLE:  A child care applicant requests child care on October 3.  The applicant states that the need for child care does not begin until she/he starts employment on October 21.  The eligibility begin date is October 21.

Also, refer to Provider Status in Relation to Payment, 1225.025.00, for further information about begin dates.