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CD12-13, OEC12-02 January 30, 2012; CD09-06; OEC09-02 January 14, 2009; CD08-40; OEC08-4 June 27, 2008

The family must pay a portion of their child care expense directly to the provider for all child care programs except for children meeting the definition of “special needs”.

Case eligibility and the amount of the sliding fee paid by the household is determined by using the Child Care Sliding Fee Scale (IM-4CC).  It is based on household size and adjusted gross monthly income.  The amount of this required fee is deducted from the provider’s rate or the geographic maximum whichever is less.  Deduct this amount from the payment made per child either to the provider or to the family.  The sliding fee varies by hours of care (full, half, and part day).  Notify the household of all three sliding fee amounts.