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CD12-12, OEC12-01 January 30, 2012

When adding a child to the family unit, redetermine the eligibility of the family unit, considering all eligibility factors, including possible changes in assistance group, household composition, medical insurance premiums paid for the new member, etc.  If the child is a mandatory assistance group member, s/he must be added to the eligibility unit (EU), whether or not the child is in need of care.  If the child is an optional assistance group member, add the child to the EU to determine the effect on the case.  If adding the child results in a decreased sliding fee, include the child in the EU.  If adding the child results in the case closing, exclude the child from the EU.  If adding the child results in an increased sliding fee, inform the EU they have the option of including or excluding the child and the results of each action.  The EU should decide whether to include or exclude the child and the ES should document the EU’s decision.  The system will generate a notice to the EU of the action taken.

If a child who is included in the eligibility unit as an optional member becomes ineligible, remove the optional child from the eligibility unit.  If the family does not appeal the notice of adverse action, the system will remove the child from the eligibility unit and close the child’s authorization to the provider, if applicable.