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CD12-12, OEC12-01 January 30, 2012

When a child care family completes school or a training program, or loses employment, the household may be granted an extension of up to 30 calendar days to find employment.

No more than two (2) extensions per calendar year may be authorized.  Discuss this option with the participant.  An extension can only be provided by mutual agreement.

Child care may be extended to avoid loss of child care arrangements for:

  1. Up to two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled start of employment, education, or training; or
  2. Up to one (1) month during a break in employment, education, or training if:
    • Subsequent employment, education, or training is scheduled to begin, or,
    • Current employment, education, or training is expected to resume within that period.

NOTE:  The child must continue to attend during this period in order to qualify.