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CD12-12, OEC12-01 January 30, 2012

The rate change from infant to preschool, and from preschool to school-age, is made the first day of the month following the child’s second and fifth birthdays.  No adverse action notice is generated as this is a change in the child care rate, not a change in eligibility.

Eligibility for child care ends the day of the child’s 13th birthday, unless the child has a documented special need that verifies care is needed beyond age 13.  An adverse action notice is generated the month before the child’s 13th birthday notifying the eligibility unit (EU) that the child’s eligibility will end.  If the EU does not request a hearing or provide documentation of the child’s special need, the child’s authorization to the provider will close on the child’s 13th birthday.  If this is the only eligible child in the EU, the adverse action notice is sent notifying the EU that the case eligibility will close.