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1235.005.00 Authorizing Designee (Supervisor I level or above)

CD11-90/OEC-19 – October 17, 2011

The local supervisor has the responsibility of maintaining local controls and conducting case reviews to ensure   the Child Care Assistance Program is being administrated correctly at the local level. The duties of the local supervisor include:

  1. Assuring that the services  are authorized appropriately and meet the needs of the household in a fair and equitable manner;
  2. Coordinating with the authorizing worker and Payment Designee to ensure authorizations and payments are made correctly;
  3. Communicating with the Payment Designee  regarding an existing with a specific authorization that cannot be resolved by the caseworker involved; and
  4. Reviewing copies of notices and documentation sent to parents, appropriate inquiry screens, system reports, and taking any action necessary to ensure that the services and funds are being utilized appropriately.