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1260.025.00 Invoicing

CD14-12, OEC14-02 January 28, 2014

Designated staff in the Children’s Division Central Office assigned to the Hand-Up Pilot Program sends the CD 581-HU Hand-Up Pilot Program Child Care Invoice to facilities after children are authorized for care at the facility.  Child care providers must manually report attendance for authorized children on the invoice and submit the attendance record for processing and approval for payment.  Also, facilities must submit corresponding attendance records for the children claimed on the invoice in compliance with 1225.035.15 ATTENDANCE RECORDS.

When completed invoices are submitted, the designated staff in the Children’s Division Central Office must review and verify all aspects of the invoice in accordance with 1225.00.00 PAYMENT OF CHILD CARE BENEFITS, excluding Sections 1225.040.00 through 1225.040.10.  If the invoice is correct, the designated CD staff manually enters the invoice into the SAMII payment system.  If the invoice is incorrect, the designated CD staff must contact the provider to discuss the issue and obtain a corrected invoice.