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1260.045.00 REPORTING

CD14-12, OEC14-02 January 28, 2014

The designated Hand-Up Program staff must compile data and submit it electronically via an Excel within 15 days after the end of each month.  This data must include:

  • Reporting month,
  • Number of participants,
  • Number of participants terminated due to failure to pay premiums,
  • Number of participants terminated because premium equals child care benefit,
  • Number of participants terminated due to other reason (list reason),
  • Amount of excess gross adjusted income per participant (by DCN),
  • Total amount of premium paid per participant (by DCN), and
  • Total amount of state, federal, Medicare, and miscellaneous taxes individually paid on income exceeding the maximum allowable income for receiving full child care benefits outside the Hand-Up Pilot Program (by DCN).

The designated CD staff must compile the data into aggregate form, analyze it, and create and issue a report to the General Assembly annually on January 1 and at the end of the state fiscal year.