zz – Obsolete

1600.010.15.15 Sources of Earned and Unearned Income (GTBH) – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-01 January 3, 2023

IM-169 December 15, 2020; IM-162 October 10, 2019; IM-40 May 1, 2012

13 CSR 40-2.050 defines earned income as income in cash or kind currently earned as wages, salary, commissions, or profits from any business in which the participant engages as a self-employed person or employee, with responsibilities that require his/her continuing activity. Possible sources of EARNED INCOME include but are not limited to:

  • Wages-(including the amount of any garnishment);
  • Tips ;
  • Boarders or lodgers;
  • Income or earnings from self-employment , sale of plasma , sale of business products, child care self-employment , and self-employment from sale of farm or garden products;
  • Compensation in lieu of wages , such as working off the rent;
  • Americorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) stipends (Americorps income excluded)
  • Rental property ;

Possible sources of UNEARNED INCOME include but are not limited to:

  • Interest income
  • Property rental
  • Income from stocks, bonds, investments, trusts
  • Benefits received under Social Security Programs, such as Social Security Survivor benefits, Social Security Disability, or Social Security Retirement.
  • Retirement pensions from industry
  • Unemployment compensation payments
  • Annuities
  • Railroad retirement benefits
  • Contributions from relatives, friends, churches, clubs, etc., that are given directly to the participant or family
  • Real or personal property when sold on a time payment plan. The unpaid balance does not cause ineligibility. Consider the down payment (if any) as cash, but include time payments as income.
  • Aliens with sponsors. Income received from sponsors is to be counted in its entirety.
  • Grants and scholarships for graduate students available for living expenses (grants and scholarships minus school expenses).

NOTE: This does not apply to undergraduate students. (Refer to 1805.030.20.10 Income Excluded Under MAGI)

  • Allotments including:
    • Military Allotments;
    • Community Spouse Allotments;
    • Minor/Dependent Allotments; and
    • Minor Living Outside Household Allotments.
  • Military Retirement
  • Disability benefit
  • Strike benefits
  • Lottery/Gambling income
  • Incentive payments to encourage activity
  • Representative payee payments not given to the beneficiary
  • Notes receivable
  • Non bona fide loans
  • Nursing home insurance income