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1600.015.00 Gateway To Better Health Coverage – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-01 January 3, 2023

IM-142 September 16, 2019, IM-58 June 25, 2015, IM-40 May 1, 2012

Coverage under GTBH begins on the first day of the month of application, if all eligibility requirements are met. There is no prior quarter coverage. No coverage can begin prior to July 1, 2012.

Participants receive services through their Primary Care Home. Services available include:

  • Primary care office visits (podiatry and eye exams included)
  • Limited dental services (cleanings, x-rays, removal of diseased teeth ONLY)
  • Urgent care visits (maximum 5 visits per year at GTBH provider)
  • Specialty care referrals (from participant’s primary care doctor to contracted providers ONLY)
  • Non-emergency transportation (to and from GTBH covered visits ONLY)
  • Generic prescriptions and brand name insulin and inhalers available at participant’s health center
  • Substance use treatment (generic prescriptions and counseling services at participant’s health center)