zz – Obsolete

1600.025.00 Prompt Disposition – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-01 January 3, 2023

IM-40 May 1, 2012

Process GTBH applications without undue delay unless unusual or extreme circumstances exist. Complete the eligibility determination to ensure an applicant is mailed his/her notice of approval or denial within a period not to exceed 30 days. If the application cannot be completed promptly due to an extreme circumstance the eligibility specialist must enter the appropriate delay code in the Delay Code field on the Application Request (FM0G or REQUEST) screen in FAMIS.

If eligibility is not determined by the 30th day, record the reason for delay on the Eligibility Unit Member Role (EUMEMROL or FM3Z) screen.

An application may be rejected prior to the 30th day if the case is found to be ineligible on a specific eligibility factor.

Applications will be rejected on the 30th day if outstanding verification exists.