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1805.000.05.05 Reapplication After 90-Day Reasonable Opportunity – OBSOLETE

OBSOLETE per IM-108 July 19, 2022

IM-13 February 1, 2017

An individual may reapply for MAGI coverage after being closed for not providing citizenship documents and/or Social Security Number (SSN) within the 90 day reasonable opportunity period. However, the individual cannot receive an additional 90 day reasonable opportunity period after coverage has closed for failure to provide citizenship/SSN information.

NOTE:  It is important to note that while a participant must provide documentation of citizenship or immigrant status, he or she only needs to provide FSD with the Social Security Number, NOT a copy of the Social Security card.

If coverage ended after the 90 day reasonable opportunity period because the individual failed to provide citizenship and/or SSN information, do not authorize another 90 day reasonable opportunity period.  The applicant is given a Request for Information allowing the applicant ten days to provide the information.  If the information is not provided the application is rejected.

Example: On 07/23/2016, Ms. Smith’s application was approved with 90 day reasonable opportunity.  She must provide citizenship documentation for herself and her three children.  Ms. Smith fails to provide the passports or any other citizenship documentation within 90 days and does not contact FSD claiming a good faith effort in submitting the information. An Adverse Action notice is sent, and when it expires, the MAGI case closes and an Action Notice is sent to Ms. Smith. On 12/23/16, Ms. Smith reapplies for herself and her three children. Again, Ms. Smith does not provide verification of citizenship for herself or her children. Ms. Smith is given the Request for Information allowing her 10 days to provide citizenship documentation.  Ms. Smith fails to provide verification of citizenship at the end of the 10 day period and therefore, her application rejects.