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2000.015.05 Information Available to the Eligibility Unit (EU)

With a written request and proof of ID, information in the case record can be copied and given to any responsible member of the EU, its current authorized representative, or a person acting on its behalf to review material and information contained in the case record. Material and information contained in the case record should be made available for inspection during normal business hours. However, the agency may withhold confidential information, such as the names of individuals who have disclosed information about the EU without the household’s knowledge, or the nature or status of pending criminal prosecutions.

If an individual leaves the EU, he or she is only entitled to copies of information that contain his/her information.

EXAMPLE: Mother and father are active on an EU together with their children. The mother leaves the EU. She can get copies of information for the time period she was in the EU, but cannot receive copies of information after the date she left the EU.

Printouts in the case record such as IMES, IIVE, SAVE, etc. are part of the case record, and therefore this information can be shared with the EU. This information, however, cannot be released to anyone outside the EU even with a signed request from the EU.

Special care must be taken when dealing with medical information. Refer to section 0130.005.10 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

NOTE: Information from IBTH, IDTH, and IIRS should never be printed and should not be contained in the case record. This information is not available to the EU or anyone else.