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Eligibility determinations must be completed within 15 calendar days of receipt of the signed application.  An interactive interview may be required for initial Child Care Subsidy applications.  Conduct the interview face to face or by telephone.  Eligibility requirements, rights, and responsibilities must be discussed with the applicant during the interview.

If necessary, assist the family in obtaining verification to make an eligibility determination.

Verify if the applicant has an outstanding balance on a Child Care Subsidy overpayment.  If the system indicates an active claim balance, contact the Welfare Investigative Unit (WIU) to determine if the family is adhering to its repayment agreement. If the applicant is not paying restitution, have the applicant contact WIU at (800) 877-1379 to discuss a repayment agreement.  Reject the application if the applicant does not agree to a repayment plan or has not paid restitution as agreed.

Refer to the CARS User Guide Checking for a Child Care Subsidy Claim.

Refer the family to the child care resource and referral contractor (http://mo.childcareaware.org/) anytime the family needs a child care provider or information about selecting a child care provider.