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2005.010.05 Requests for Child Care Subsidy

  1. Request in Person: Obtain a signed application and complete the interactive interview if required.  Retain the signed application and interview summary in the case record.
  2. Request by Mail, Fax or Online:  If an application is received by mail, fax or online, complete the application in FAMIS and attempt to contact the applicant by phone no later than the next business day.  If phone contact is not successful, send an FA331 Appointment Letter no later than the next business day requesting an interview within five (5) business days.  Once the interview is conducted, send a copy of the interview summary to the applicant.
  3. Request by Telephone:  If an applicant requests Child Care Subsidy by telephone, notify the applicant a signed application must be submitted to the local FSD office.   Mail a paper application to the applicant no later than the next business day and/or refer the applicant to the online application.

NOTE:  The application date is the date the agency receives the application, not the date the applicant requested an application.