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2005.010.15 Initial Interview Procedures

Interviews are only required when an initial application is received by the local FSD office, unless all required verification to make an eligibility determination is with the application or an applicant had an active Child Care Subsidy case within the last twelve (12) months. Hold the initial interview when it is the applicant’s first time applying or there is a break in eligibility longer than twelve (12) months.  Do not schedule an interview on re-applications.

During the interview:

    1. Explain the Child Care Subsidy eligibility requirements to the applicant. Ensure that each point of eligibility is covered as the interview progresses;
    2. Explain that Child Care Subsidy eligibility must be determined within 15 calendar days;
    3. Explain the department’s non-discrimination policy;
    4. Explain the department’s hearing policy;
    5. Offer voter registration to each household member of voting age.  Follow voter registration policies as outlined in the National Voter Registration (NVR) Manual;
    6. Explain that CD contracts with an entity that can assist with finding child care services.  For child care resource and referral information, refer applicant to http://mo.childcareaware.org/;
    7. Explain the responsibilities of the EU to pay the sliding fee and possibly a copay to the child care provider as outlined in sections 2025.000.00 through 2025.020.00;
    8. Notify the applicant in writing of the information needed to determine eligibility in a clear, understandable manner. Inform the applicant of his or her responsibilities as well as timeframes for supplying requested information;
      • If the applicant informs staff that he or she is experiencing difficulty in obtaining the requested information, staff should assist the applicant.
      • The applicant must provide requested information to determine eligibility. Give the applicant ten calendar days to supply the requested information. Staff is responsible for providing the applicant the written Request for Information at the time of interview
    9. Date stamp any documentation or correspondence provided with the date received. This includes information obtained during the initial interview;
    10. An applicant shall not be required to provide documentation if the division has access to the information, unless it is inaccurate, incomplete, or insufficient. During the initial interview, have the applicant complete and/or sign the forms needed to obtain the requested information or establish eligibility;
    11. An application should not be rejected because of the failure of a person outside the household to provide information. Explore all methods of establishing eligibility;
    12. If at any point during the interview it is apparent that the applicant is ineligible, give the individual a full explanation of the reasons for ineligibility and explain hearing rights. In addition, explain to the applicant that she or he is not responsible for verification of information causing ineligibility. Inform the individual that if the application is rejected, a new application may be filed at any time.