zz – Obsolete


The reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act requires that an eligibility unit only need to report certain changes that occur after a Child Care Subsidy initial application or reapplication is approved. Following the initial application or reapplication, the only changes required to be reported by the eligibility unit are when:

  • adjusted gross monthly income exceeds 85% of the state median income for the household size;
  • child care need has ended without another need;
  • no eligible child remains in the home;
  • eligibility unit has not paid sliding fees to a child care provider; or
  • eligibility unit has an active claim and has not entered into a repayment agreement or the eligibility unit is not making payments on an agreement plan.

If the reported change is the same at the time of reapplication, all actions will be acted upon during the reapplication approval. Simplified reporting only effects the current eligibility period.  The purpose of the simplified reporting requirement is to keep the eligibility unit at their current level of benefit unless the change reported is an increase in benefit.  All changes to the household are considered in the next eligibility period determination.