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For changes required to be reported: A reported change, other than a change in source of income, is considered timely if it is reported within ten (10) days in which the change occurred.

A change in the source of income is considered timely if it is reported within ten (10) days following the date the first check is received.

Consider the date a change is reported as the:

  • date of personal contact or telephone/fax contact
  • date the change report form or other correspondence from the eligibility unit was received,
  • date the agency learns of a change in eligibility unit circumstances from a source other than the eligibility unit.

If an eligibility unit fails to report timely, determine the impact on their benefits. If an over issuance occurred, submit a Claim Referral form (CR-1) to the Program Integrity Unit as explained in the 2016 memorandum IM- #15 . If an under issuance occurred, the change is acted on for the month it is reported.  The eligibility unit is not eligible for restored benefits for months prior to the month the change is reported.