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Child Care Processing Center Eligibility Specialist Supervisors will review a minimum of twenty (20) targeted child care cases each month. Reviews are to be completed for non-probationary staff and can be completed in conjunction with reviews for other types of income maintenance programs within forty-five (45) days of the end of the month. All child care case reviews are to be entered in the Case Review System (CRS) and submitted to the ES by theĀ  forty-fifth (45) day. Cases determined to be incorrect must be corrected in the system, with detailed comments explaining all actions taken as a result of the case review. The ES must make corrections within 30 days of an incorrect case action being identified.

Supervisor reviews are to be completed and submitted in the reports section of the CRS within 30 days of submission to the ES. Supervisors are expected to ensure all reviews are conducted and submitted to reports, as well as to ensure all necessary actions are taken when a case is determined to be incorrect.

New supervisors will have a full two (2) month grace period in completing case reviews. New supervisors will begin to conduct case reviews in the third (3) month of their position. Supervisors may conduct case reviews before required.