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2040.010.20 CARS Promissory Note

A promissory note is sent to the Eligibility Unit with the demand letter. The debtor is given the following options:

  • Prepaying with check or money order
    1. all at once,
    2. part now, the rest in monthly payments, or
    3. monthly payments.

The debtor(s) signs the promissory note according to the best repayment method for the Eligibility Unit. If the Eligibility Unit chooses to not agree to make promissory note and the Eligibility Unit has an active Child Care Subsidy case, close the case.

NOTE: If an applicant has a claim in default, the applicant must enter into a repayment agreement or must be current on Child Care Subsidy overpayments before the applicant can be determined eligible for Child Care Subsidy. Review Child Care Subsidy manual section 2005.010.30 Denying an Application.

If the Repayment Agreement is returned with a method of repayment to:

  • the local FSD office – send to PIU

The CARS Repayment Agreement is filed in the CLAIMS SECTION of the case record.