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Appendix 2 – Sam Pratt’s Law

Section 544.456 RSMo, known as “Sam Pratt’s”  law, allows any court involved in a case of abuse, neglect, or death of a child to impose as a condition of release that the defendant is prohibited from providing child care services for compensation pending final disposition of the case.   Additionally, the court is required to notify the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and the Department of Social Services (DSS) when an order is filed, as well as the final disposition of the case.  If charges are filed with the court having jurisdiction and an order is filed, notification to DSS by the court should be addressed to:

Department of Social Services Children’s Division Early Childhood and Prevention Services P.O. Box 88 Jefferson City, MO 65103-0088

Upon receipt of the filing of the order, the Children’s Division, Early Childhood and Prevention Services Section will complete the following:

  • Determine if the provider receives payment on behalf of Child Care Subsidy families.
  • In the event the provider is registered with the Division, the provider will be revoked with cause. The Division will send a written notice to the provider of the revocation of their registration.
  • A comment will be made in FAMIS (FMFA) screen to not reregister the provider until a final disposition has been made by the court, which verifies that the provider is not guilty or the charges have been dismissed.

NOTE:  From the FMFA screen you will select F16=Services, put “S” on the Com line next to “CHC” and hit F18.  The comment title should read “Court Disposition”.

  • Eligible families who are being served by the provider at the time of the registration closing will receive written notice from the Division of their continued eligibility and that they will need to choose a different provider.  Participating families will remain eligible but will be referred, for one-on-one assistance, to the Child Care Aware® of Missouri Referral Center at 1-866-892-3228, and, for self-guided assistance, to the Child Care Aware® of Missouri website at http://mo.childcareaware.org/, in finding alternative child care arrangements.

Upon receipt of the final disposition, the Division will review and file the order.   If the charges against the provider are dropped, the provider may choose to reregister with the Children’s Division. However, the Division reserves the right to not register the provider.