Prevention of Blindness Policy Manual

Prevention of Blindness Program – Glaucoma and Full Scale Eye Clinic Screenings

POB will conduct glaucoma screenings and full-scale eye clinics throughout the state of Missouri.  These services are free of charge and provided without regard to gender, race, creed, color, age, disability, national origin, residency, or economic status.

Requests for glaucoma screenings and full-scale eye clinics can be initiated by the RSB staff and/or by representatives of public and private employers and institutions.   


Glaucoma screenings are provided to employers, community groups and other organizations free of charge.  These screenings are conducted by FSD staff using non-contact tonometers provided by RSB.  Persons screened who have high intraocular pressures are referred to eye care professionals, and may be contacted by POB by mail at a later date.

Full-scale eye screening clinics promote early detection of diseases or defects of the eye while they may still be treated.  Resident ophthalmologists from contracted facilities provide vision screenings at the clinics. Persons screened who are diagnosed with eye problems are referred to vision care professionals for follow-up testing and/or treatment, and may be contacted by POB by mail at a later date.

Follow-up is made with individuals having borderline or high pressures to determine if glaucoma is present.