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CD14-12, OEC14-02 January 28, 2014

Participant eligibility for the Hand-Up Pilot Program is determined at application and re-certification in compliance with Sections 1210.000.00 through 1210.025.15 of the Child Care Assistance Manual.  However, in addition to the criteria stated there, in order to be eligible for the Hand-Up Pilot Program, families must:

  • Have been receiving full Child Care Assistance benefits, not including Transitional Child Care, from the Department of Social Services continuously, with eligibility determined on or after August 28, 2012, for a period of at least four (4) consecutive months prior to January 1, 2014.
  • Have a child/children authorized or be willing to have a child/children accepted for placement and authorized for care in one of the licensed  child care pilot facilities within 90 days after losing full Child Care Assistance eligibility based on income.
  • Be willing to pay a monthly premium, via payroll deduction if possible, towards the cost of their child’s/children’s child care.
  • Have become ineligible for full Child Care Assistance based on income and family size per the most current income guidelines at and not be eligible for Transitional Child Care Assistance based on income and family size per the most current income eligibility guidelines at and

This does not negate Section 1210.025.00 Income Eligibility Guidelines, which states active Eligibility Units (EU) reporting a change or reapplying for benefits before the end of the certification period can qualify for Transitional Child Care if the adjusted gross income exceeds 124% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) but does not exceed 175% of the FPL.  Some Child Care Assistance participants may not qualify for the Hand-Up Pilot Program but may qualify for Transitional Child Care instead.

Families participating in the Hand-Up Pilot Program must also have a valid need for care as defined at 1210.020.15 DEFINITIONS OF NEED COMPONENTS AND TIME LIMITS.  Verify and document a family’s need for care due to employment or education/training as specified at 1210.020.15.051210.020.15.10, and 1210.020.15.15.  To authorize a child to a provider, verify the parent’s(s’) schedule(s) per 1220.025.00 INDIVIDUAL AUTHORIZATION PROCESS and in compliance with 1220.025.05 AUTHORIZATION LIMITS1220.025.10 SLEEP TIME, and 1220.025.15 TRAVEL TIME.