Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) Manual

0400.005.00 Legal Basis

The legal basis for administering the SAB program and determining eligibility for the program is set forth in RSMo Chapters 208 and 209.

“In determining the eligibility of a claimant for public assistance under this law, it shall be the duty of the Family Support Division to consider and take into account all facts and circumstances surrounding the claimant, including his living conditions, earning capacity, income and resources, from whatever source received, and if from all the facts and circumstances the claimant is not found to be in need, assistance shall be denied…” (RSMo 208.010).

“The Family Support Division shall make monthly payments to persons meeting the eligibility standards for the aid to the blind program in effect December 31, 1973, who are bona fide residents of the State of Missouri. The payment shall be in the amount prescribed in subsection 1 of section 209.040, RSMo, less any federal supplemental security income payment.” (RSMo 208.030(4)).