Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) Manual

0405.020.00 Social Security Number

To be eligible for Supplemental Aid to the Blind, a claimant must provide his/her Social Security Number (SSN). Obtain a copy of the Social Security card for the applicant at the time of initial application whenever possible. If the card is not available but the number is known, accept the applicant’s statement and enter the Social Security number into the SUPD system. If the number is correct, it will be verified by the system. It is only necessary to obtain further verification if the system match returns an indicator other than ā€œVā€.

If a claimant is unable to provide his/her SSN, the claimant must apply for an SSN or a duplicate SSN. If a claimant will not provide or apply for a social security number, the claimant is not eligible for assistance. However, do not deny or delay assistance pending issuance of an SSN.