0410.015.00 Income

0410.015.05.20 Standard Earned Income Exemption Table

The Standard Earned Income Exemption Table contains all earned income exemptions for the SAB claimant. The following exemptions are built into 2 standard figures for use when budgeting income.

  1. SAB earned income exemption of the first $85 plus 1/2 of the remainder.
  2. Federal and State income tax.
  3. Social Security tax.
  4. The above three amounts are included in the AB Standard Earned Income exemption figure.
  5. Personal standard (10% of the gross earned income): This includes standard expenses unique to employment, i.e., transportation, clothing, lunches, etc. Use the 10% figure to compute exemptions unless actual expenses of the claimant are greater.Total the income for the employed SAB person and determine the exemption by subtracting overhead expenses and using the Standard Earned Income Exemption Table according to the adjusted gross amount of earned income.

Exceptions (SAB): For persons whose gross income exceeds $1200 per month, verify the deductions and figure manually.