Supplemental Payments Manual

0705.005.00 Eligible Income Level (EIL) Computation and Correction

The December 1973 Eligible Income Level is computed by adding (1) the gross unearned income excluding income from DMH; (2) the gross earned income from salary or wages; (3) the gross earned income from Self-Employment minus overhead expenses; and (4) the December 1973 OAA, PTD, or AB payment. The total is the December 1973 EIL.

However, in some instances when the EIL amount was originally computed ALL gross income figures or ALL net income figures were used. Or, in some instances, the gross amounts of unearned and earned income from wages and the net income from self-employment was used. Whenever a re-computation is made, it is important that the type(s) of income (either gross or net) be consistent with those used originally.

If the correction of the EIL lowers it or if the change has ANY ADVERSE AFFECT ON THE CLAIMANT’S BENEFITS, follow adverse action procedures BEFORE making the indicated changes.

If it is discovered that the recipient was not eligible for a cash OAA, PTD, or AB grant for the month of December 1973 and was therefore incorrectly converted, send adverse action notice. Notify the SSA of the action. Consider restitution for these cases if the overpayment was due to the claimant’s withholding information.