Supplemental Payments Manual

0705.020.00 MO-1 (Force Pay) Status Recipients

Some conversion case records contain printouts with a payment status code of MO-1. These were records which, through technical computer problems, were not correctly entered into the SDX system at conversion. As a result, the information on the claimants carrying an MO-1 pay status was incorrect except for the name, public assistance ID number, and SSI payment amount.

Beginning January 1, 1975 these cases were gradually reentered into the SDX system and the counties began to get the newly generated printouts with the correct pay or denial status codes. FROM THAT POINT ON the case information should be fully reliable.

These case records contain a special SSA form, the Missouri Force Pay (MO-1) Information Statistic Sheet, which is a PERMANENT part of the case record. This special form is the only source of historical data on the case. Once the MO-1 status cases were correctly entered into the SDX system, the historical information on the case was eliminated from the data bank and is no longer available from the Social Security Administration-District Office (SSA/DO).