Supplemental Payments Manual

0705.025.00 Restoring Conversion Status

A December 1973 OAA, PTD, or AB recipient correctly converted to SSI-SP or SP-Only status is guaranteed to have recipient conversion status restored anytime eligibility for that status is regained.

If the conversion claimant does not regain eligibility for the previously held conversion status, but does meet the qualification for another conversion category, transfer the claimant to the new category. The claimant can also be transferred to another category if eligible.

EXAMPLE: Transfer a claimant from PTD to OAA when the claimant turns age 65 to eliminate the need to secure medical information.

After determining that the SSI-SP claimant has regained eligibility for SSI, the case must be cancel closed and the highest valid payment reinstated. If the claimant is considered SP-Only, determine if income is not sufficient to meet the claimant’s December 1973 EIL and if s/he continues to meet December 1973 OAA, PTD, or AB eligibility factors.

On both SSI-SP and SP-Only cases, notify the Social Security Office, if applicable.

Payments to persons eligible for a cash grant may be in the form of a check mailed to the claimant or in the form of a direct deposit to the claimant’s checking or savings account. This is the claimant’s option, however the claimant must have an active bank account in order to use the option of direct deposit.