Supplemental Payments Manual

0705.030.00 Retroactive and Deficiency Payments

Retroactive payments are made in SP-Only and SSI-SP cases to recipients who did not receive ANY SP payment in a month for which they were entitled.

A deficiency payment is made to conversion claimants who are presently receiving benefits but, through error, received an underpayment in a month for which they were entitled. Use overpayments to offset underpayments when applicable.

NOTE: Submit retroactive or deficiency payments to the State Office, Program and Policy Section for approval PRIOR TO NOTIFYING THE CLAIMANT.

FOR SSI-SP, an SSI case will not be suspended by SSA if disqualification criteria is met. That is, if an individual has resources, income, etc. that cause ineligibility for one month or longer the SSI case is closed AND the individual must reapply in order to regain SSI eligibility. Individuals who are shown on the SDX with a payment status code of “N” are not eligible for a deficiency SP payment if any of the following conditions are present:

  1. The individual has not cooperated with SSI in establishing eligibility.
  2. The individual would have been eligible for SSI if an application had been filed.
  3. A move to temporary living arrangements causes temporary decrease or closing of the SSI case. (This situation occurs when an SSI recipient moves to someone else’s household but intends to return home.) An adjustment to the SP grant can be made for the number of months the individual has suffered a loss of income, however, this situation would NOT result in the establishment of a new highest valid payment.

Deficiency payments may not be authorized if the claimant requests an overpayment of SSI benefits be deducted from the OASDI payment. This decision by the claimant is voluntary and therefore should not be considered as a loss of income. The SSI ELIGIBILITY AMOUNT must be used in computing the SP payment. Whenever OASDI benefits are reduced, determine the cause for the reduction. If the cause is due to an overpayment, request a deficiency payment.

For either type of payment, a payment may be made for no more than 60 months. The 60-month time limit includes the month of discovery.