Supplemental Payments Manual

0705.035.00 Non-cooperation in Obtaining Other Benefits

A SP (SSI-SP or SP-Only) claimant must apply for and cooperate in establishing eligibility for all benefits to which the claimant is entitled. These benefits may be from annuities, retirement or disability pensions or compensations (either from private or public sources) including OASDI, RRB, VA, and SSI benefits. If the claimant doesn’t apply for these benefits, or refuses to apply and/or cooperate, close the claimant’s SP and Title XIX.

Record all information pertaining to the decision to close. If, at a later date, the claimant applies and cooperates to receive the benefits, meets the December 1973 eligibility requirements, and his countable income does not meet or exceed his EIL, recompute the Supplemental Payment case and restore the claimant’s conversion status by cancel closing.