Supplemental Payments Manual

0715.000.00 SSI-SP Cases

SSI-SP recipients are defined as those persons:

  1. who received a cash OAA, PTD, or AB grant in December 1973
  2. who are eligible for SSI; but
  3. whose December 1973 EIL was not met by the SSI payment plus other income

EXAMPLE: A PTD claimant received an $80 grant in December 1973. He also had $130 unearned income ($210 EIL). In determining the SSI payment, Social Security disregarded $20. The countable income was $110. SSA subtracted this from the maximum payment level in effect ($140 – $110) to arrive at the SSI payment ($30). Since the claimant’s SSI payment plus other income ($160), did not meet the EIL ($210) the claimant was eligible for a $50 supplemental payment.

Additional legislation was passed in July 1975 which excluded Social Security cost-of-living adjustments from July 1975 forward in the determination of the SP amount.

SSI-SP Recipients Have the Following Guarantees (i.e., conversion rights):

  1. the December 1973 EIL; and
  2. the HIGHEST VALID SUPPLEMENTAL PAYMENT computed under EIL as long as the claimant continues to be eligible for SSI.